Hi! I'm Angela- mom to three crazy kids. I started Raising The Modern Kid to have a place to share insights I have about parenting.  Most days you can find me wearing sweatpants, trying hard to cook good meals that my kids refuse to eat and sneaking chocolate out of the pantry when they aren't looking. I am married to my best friend, I love to organize anything and chances are if you walked into our house someone would be crying.  

I love being a mom, every phase of raising children is challenging and rewarding all at the same time.  I believe that family life is the single most important factor in determining our personal happiness and that if we want a happy family we have to work at it. 

Parenting modern kids has challenges that are unique- the screen time debate and battling the entitlement problem- and some that are the same questions parents have been asking for generations- how to get kids to listen, obey, be happy, responsible, accountable... and the list goes on. 

I by no means am an expert, however, I have learned that we moms like to hear what other moms find successful in their families.  Why do we talk about kids when we go to the park or have a girls night out? Because through each other's experiences we learn. 

Hopefully as you click around Raising The Modern Kid you'll find some little nugget of wisdom that will help you on this crazy path we call parenting. If you have a thought- share it with me! Leave a comment or email me, I love to learn from you!

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